Gedicht "My village" van Edith Dijkstra - Blum . . . .

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Edith Dijkstra - Blum




In my village I was born
A day in June on Sunday mor'n
The playground was my neighborhood
With many kids, it was so good
We spread our wings, some went away
Others did decide to stay
Now we all lead other lives
With husbands and with wives
Memories are very clear
My village,my city, oh so near

Than one day I found a place
Somewhere here in cyberspace
It takes me by the hand
To show my home and land
I wander through my neighborhood
How does that feel?,so very good
Many things did change
Little secrets still remain
I am sure about one thing
Here I live my village from within
Now I realize, you see
My village always be a part of me

Edy(Edith) Dykstra-Blum

03 MAART 2005

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